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garage sale

I was cleaning my room and decided I really don't need these magazines/CDs so i decided to make a post to try and sell them. So this is my "help me get rid of stuff" post. More like looking at all this stuff, I know I have more hiding in my room somewhere. I just... haven't bothered to find it yet? More like this was all in my shelf and not scattered about. Go me.

[edit] okay so somehow i hit the enter key and it submitted my post already LOL? i didn't even post anything yet....

Kera Magazines
from top left:
2006 Issue 3/March
2006 Issue 4/April
2006 Issue 5/May
2006 Issue 6/June
2006 Issue 9/September
2006 Issue 12/December

2007 Issue 1/January
2007 Issue 2/February
2007 Issue 3/March
2007 Issue 5/May
2007 Issue 6/June

2008 Issue 5/May
2008 Issue 7/July
2008 Issue 12/December

2009 Issue 1 & 2/February (I accidentally bought 2 copies of this one :/)

I need to figure out pricing on these :< but for now I would think $7 a copy + shipping.

J-rock Magazines

left to right:
Shoxx bis August 2006
Shoxx February 2007
Shoxx June 2006 (comes with poster :P)
Cure February 2007
Neo Genesis volume 31

pricing on these haven't been figured out yet since I honestly don't pay attention when I pay for these so I'll have to get back with the price another day. 

J-Rock CDs

They're both open and stuff, still in good condition subtract the finger smudges if there are any. I believe i bought these for $20+ but I could really care less for these so it'll be $10 + shipping.

This post is so incomplete that it hurts, but I swear- I'll figure it out eventually. Especially on the shipping prices(probably the most important part... lol)
I have several clothing items I'm debating on selling too.
I should sell manga. I have a crapload sitting in my closet that is depressing me wayyyyy too much. Also a huge load of the monthly manga article thing, Margaret.

Neo Genesis vol. 31 pt2

Magazine: Neo Genesis
Month/Issue No.: vol. 31

the collectiveCollapse )

Neo Genesis vol. 31

Magazine: Neo Genesis
Month/Issue No.: vol. 31
Artist: An Cafe

only if you like an cafe...Collapse )


 Hey dudes WASSUP. Fixed/edited/whatever. Its like... 2 times longer since I added in more detail because I don't want to forget anything, and I have to go full on out when it comes to my favorites.

It was friend filtered because I was contemplating about the last picture.. but screw it, its on my myspace and basically anyone with a myspace can see it. 

I bring you the live report from LA. or.. yeah. 
really. REALLY. long.Collapse )

I failed my class just for this show- bitches better appreciate. 

Ayabie Concert in LA

So this will be my live report on Ayabie at Safari Sam's in Los Angeles n_______n
[it'll be alittle different from everyone else's.. bear with me, i already know its going to be confusing... I'm not an English major, so its gonna be mixed up! Hope you guys understand somewhat!]

I'm sad there were no live reports from Baltimore.

PS- Krashie, I love you! The interview went so well that Yumehito pulled me over to the side to translate for him. I'M USEFUL!

my dear friends, you are my last friends.

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not that people read my journal anyways, its still my private life o__o

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